Encouraging Self Love and Body Positivity has always been my dream. I crafted and expressed that dream through fashion. As an artist being able to express myself and my thoughts to make this world a bit better for all the amazing women living, regardless of shape, size and skin tone. To make women Own themselves the way they are and speak their truth fully with confidence is Inchperfect’s motto. 

Supporting and encouraging Confidence, Self-Love and uniqueness with custom made dresses to fit every shape and size. Inchperfect being woman owned, dresses available for every occasion, made-to-order supply chain, sourced locally and with sustainable fabrics and toxin-free dyes, makes our clothing worth every penny of our clients. Achieving all these at once has been so fulfilling and overwhelming joy for us with all our well-wishers.

So, let’s Celebrate YOU!


Inchperfect is a brand inspired and fuelled by BODY POSITIVITY, SELF LOVE AND SUSTAINABILITY. 

We are a made to order brand, only making clothes for order placed, with sustainable fabrics and non-toxic dyes. Therefore, making only supply for the demand arises not more than that.

We celebrate Individuality, Uniqueness and Confidence. We want women to be confident in their bodies. Spreading body positivity and self-love and disowning industry-based beauty standards. We believe every human is born beautiful and it’s the toxic mentality of beauty and fashion industry that make us feel we are not good enough in their eyes. ACTUALLY, we are!!

That’s the message we want to spread! And that is why we are Custom Made and ALL SIZES are Available in our store.

Every dress is customised to the client's provided measurement or our size chart.

A woman owned business for powerful and strong women is called Inchperfect. We are here to deliver our motto with the medium of Fashion, using our creativity in each and every design.